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How to build your name as an artist with Sweeney Boo

Hi Sweeney, could you introduce yourself?

Hello! I’m Sweeney Boo! I’m a comic artist and illustrator living in Canada. I love drawing ladies, might they be from my own creation, or trying my own take at an already existing character. I’m inspired by fashion, witches, 19th-century art, and more.

Could you tell us about the process of working on “Marvel Action: Captain Marvel”, how did it come about?

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel was my very first time working on monthly comics. I had just quit my position at a mobile game company to start freelancing full time. Two months after, I got an offer to do a test for a new Captain Marvel series for IDW. I was lucky enough to get it, and it’s been an amazing adventure ever since! Sam Maggs writes really inventive issues, that really let me get wild with my pencil and inks, then it’s off to Britanny Peer to do apply her magic colors. It’s been a year that I have been working on this series, and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

As creators we are always grinding on releasing our next projects, what is the importance of taking breaks and how do you celebrate after achieving your deadlines?

I am not the best at taking breaks as I have a tendency to overwork but I am trying to do better. I cannot stress enough the importance of being organized and planning ahead without this, I’d never be able to achieve my deadlines. I usually know the amount of work that I can do every day and will plan my weeks/months of work accordingly. I’m always trying to leave nights and weekends off if I can (but that is still a work in progress...). I usually celebrate finishing a deadline by taking a night for myself, watching a movie, or enjoying a good book, some nice, quiet time.

Many artists seem to think they are defined by their likes rather than their values, how do you detach yourself from your numbers?

I do not take the numbers and the people who follow my work for granted. I cherish every comment and every like that I get. I am everyday feeling very lucky that people like what I do, but it can still be very surreal. I do work for myself, but most importantly for my readers and followers and I want to use the voice they give me in the right way.

As a professional what is your secret on growing your followers and how do you connect with your fanbase?

Time as been my best ally. I’ve started sharing my work online about 8 years ago and my work has changed and evolved since. I grew this online presence slowly but surely. I try to be the most acknowledgeable and thankful as I can be, and help anyone who comes my way with advice and questions even if I feel like I’m still very new at all of this!

What would you tell our readers about self-image?

Eat & Love Yourself comes from my own battle with self-image and an eating disorder. It’s not biographical but still very close to home. As much as I still struggle to love myself, I want to use my work to share body positivity, and self love.

Sweeney Boo

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