Photo by Nuri
8 minutes read

The blossom of textile art with Maya Monica from Hoopies Art

I create unique designs with beautiful bits from nature, add happiness and give miraculous messages. I want my artworks to have meaning and inspire my peers.

June 28, 2021
6 minutes read

How to build your name as an artist with Sweeney Boo

Time as been my best ally. I’ve started sharing my work online about 8 years ago and my work has changed and evolved since. I grew this online presence slowly but surely.

July 14, 2020
5 minutes read

How to become a lettering artist with Stephane Lopes

Since lettering is my passion, I spend hours practicing. It doesn't matter if it's on Instagram, for fun or commissioned works, I just love to create new letters.

June 08, 2020
Photo by w.vv.vv
5 minutes read

The fantastical world of infrared photography with w.vv.vv

My work portrays my subconscious mind, I visualize my thoughts by transcending ordinary reality into a fantastical landscape that offers the viewer an imaginative escape.

May 25, 2020
14 minutes read

How to be a better person with Anne-Laure Le Cunff of Ness Labs

I run Ness Labs, a studio where I create science-based products that help makers be more creative and more productive.

May 11, 2020
7 minutes read

Composing musical stories with Levi Patel

When I create music I try to make sure that every detail contributes to the emotions in the music, from the notes played to the texture of the sound.

April 27, 2020
Photo by Chris Burkard
6 minutes read

Exploring landscape photography with Chris Burkard

Without properly preparing you can leave yourself open to missing opportunities to capture photos and it will eat up precious time on a trip.

April 13, 2020
Photo by Tim D Coy
10 minutes read

Experiencing music with Kasson Crooker of Symbion Project

Symbion Project has been a constant musical outlet for me, sometimes creating solo instrumental music and sometimes collaborating with different vocalists.

March 30, 2020
8 minutes read

Shaping your artistic direction with Ricardo Ow

I've been working as a professional artist for games and entertainment for over 12 years now and freelance as an illustrator when the right project comes along at the right time.

March 16, 2020
6 minutes read

Making every image high-resolution with Olivier Hamel of Prodibi

Prodibi is a startup that I created with my brother Fred with the ambitious goal to change the way we consume images online.

March 09, 2020
Photo by Estelle & Ramy
11 minutes read

How to create opportunities with Estelle and Ramy

We are filmmakers, storytellers, and adventurers. What we truly love is to use video making as a tool to tell inspiring stories and document important subjects.

March 02, 2020
6 minutes read

How to start out as a musician with Riku Annala of Recue

I'm an audio geek, producer, soundscapist and studio technology enthusiast from Finland, operating on the left field of electronic music under the pseudonym Recue.

February 24, 2020